No Matter What He Tweets

I wish everyone else was reading my Facebook feed today: thoughtful statements by young folks, calls out for the voices of trans military vets by advocates, queer partners of trans people refusing to stand down, unapologetic statements of solidarity by gay men, anger and fear for us by straight lefties.

The world changed. He can’t change it back. We will not have it.

That’s why I’m crying in-between mumblings of motherfucker: trans folks, you have won the argument. I swear you have.

In the meantime, please support trans orgs that are doing good work, like TLDEF and NCTE.

2 Replies to “No Matter What He Tweets”

  1. As a co-founder of TAVA I say this is not Trump’s MO. This is Pence. That religious nut job whispering in his ear. How long before SSM will be next?
    You have to wonder what Barney Frank & HRC are thinking now for working against ENDA.

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