Trans Day of Visibility #tdov

Today’s the Trans Day of Visibility, which I honestly didn’t know was a thing. I’m glad it is. I’ve long been cranky about #tdor being the only/first way people learn about trans issues, so yay! What I’ve already seen is… Continue Reading

Love, Always Epilogue

I’ve been meaning to wrap up my interviews with partners by putting up a small piece of my Epilogue for Love, Always. I read it Saturday night at a FORGE meeting because Trystan Cotten, Transgress Press’ Managing Editor, was in… Continue Reading

IN Just Made Bigotry Legal

from Lambda Legal, via Jillian Weiss: Today, the Indiana House of Representatives, with a vote of 63-31, passed a bill designed to allow private businesses, individuals and organizations to discriminate against anyone in Indiana on religious grounds. Lambda Legal condemns… Continue Reading

Tell Your Story to the US Commission

If you have been discriminated against & you’re trans, NCTE is now taking testimony. You can submit your story as Anonymous if necessary, as this testimony will appear in public documents.

Five Questions With… Miriam

The last (for now!) of my interviews with partners of trans people who wrote narratives for Transgress Press’ Love, Always, is not, by far, the least. Miriam Hall is also a friend, fellow writer, & fellow Wisconsinite. She’s a writer… Continue Reading

Erica 3.0 Beta

A brilliant, geeky post by a friend about her ongoing exploration of what it means to be her. A note from the design team It is difficult to believe that Project Erica has been going on for over fifteen years!… Continue Reading

A Note on the Term “Late Transitioner”

To clarify: the term is used usually for trans women who live significant lives assigned male before transitioning to female. There are many trans men who transition later in life after significant lives assigned women. They are not, by any… Continue Reading

Zoey Tur & The Late Transitioner’s Media Tour of Meanness Drinking Game

First, I want to remind everyone that this awesome trans community has survived the likes of Zoey Tur and it will, no doubt, do so again. But in the meantime, to keep the rest of us from going mad, we’ve… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Melissa

Melissa Contreras is an old friend, a past participant on the mHB message boards, and an amazing person. Here’s her interview, to round out the amazing narrative she wrote for Transgress Press’ Love, Always. 1. What didn’t you write about… Continue Reading

Trans Inclusive Student Policy

It’s starting to feel like Whack A Mole with pending anti trans legislation (9 states now), but a local school board has come out in favor of changing their policy to be more inclusive, not less.

Her Husband

Narratives like this one are always so hard to read. It’s all so familiar, and brings me back to a time when I hadn’t made any peace (yet) with my partner’s transition, and I knew so much more going into… Continue Reading

Gender Quiz

I actually found a Buzzfeed Quiz about gender that strikes me as pretty accurate. Go ahead & see if it gets you right.

Five Questions With… Tasha

Another interview with a partner whose narrative is in Transgress Press’ Love, Always. 1. What didn’t you write about in your narrative but wish you had? I wish I had known at the beginning that they were going to discard… Continue Reading

How Marriage Changed

I did this talk back in November for Lawrence. It’s a basic overview of the changes in marriage, focusing specifically on same sex marriage and how, and why, things seemed to change so quickly. So this is what I do… Continue Reading