And Yet, Meanwhile in Atlanta… #YesAllWomen

two trans women are harassed on the local public transit, one of them stripped naked while the crowd videos the whole thing.

Honestly, humanity just sucks so hard sometimes. How does Laverne Cox end up on the cover of Time the same week that shit like this goes down? The harassers wanted to know if they were real women. People actually cheered. Police, after the incident, didn’t really seem interested in taking a statement.

Incidents like this one still scare the stuffing out of me.


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  1. Though Atlanta is one of the largest southern cities, it is still very much part of the Old South.

    The article managed to maintain its political correctness by at least using the correct gender and noting the fact that they are women ‘of color’. The article didn’t mentioned if this was a white on black assault, a black on black assault.

    We know it is not a black on white crime because the article would be about blacks attacking whites, regardless of gender.

    I do not blame any bystanders for not getting involved as no one knows how this hateful incident would escalate. I do not blame the two women for trying to be alive and travel safely, and I do not blame anyone who wants to leave the South for a hopefully more accepting place to live, to simply live without the fear of humiliation on public transit.

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