Trans Tipping Point?

Whether we have or haven’t reached the “trans tipping point“, Laverne Cox is on the cover of Time magazine, and on her birthday.

She is such an awesome lady and has become too fabulous a representative for the whole of the trans community.

2 Replies to “Trans Tipping Point?”

  1. Laverne, Janet Mock, Carmen Carrera and Geena Rocero (all very noticeably non “white”, WTF that means anymore) are the face and force driving a positive image of us out there. I don’t think we’ve reached a “tipping point” anymore than we are a “post-racial” culture but thank God for our sisters who have the grace, poise and dignity to show all of us in our best light.

    In contrast, I think the whole RuPaul/Tranny controversy has gone sideways for us, and seems to be reinforcing the negative Batshit/Whiny/Eternal Complaining Victim stereotype about us even among our friends, and has exacerbated distinct divides that already existed.

    I wanna be like LaVerne.

  2. Can’t really say I see a tipping point. Teh trans is popular in mainstream media, just like it’s been, oh, forever. There’s always been some actress/model/performer that the media has been going on about. Caroline Cossey was the big one when I were young.

    Frankly, I see most of these people as “professional transsexuals”. They depend on teh trans for a good portion of their living. Without it, they’re not on the cover of time, not noteworthy, just another underpaid actress.

    For many of us, in normal jobs, living in very straight places, coming out is still career/social/literal suicide. Just as it’s always been.

    Oh, and tranny? Standing up to that is not whining. It’s standing up for yourself. Having some self respect. I’ve referred to myself as a tranny previously, but I like to think I’ve grown up a little.

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