Happy Retirement Prof. Bacon

I just wanted to wish Meredith Bacon a happy retirement. She is an awesome lady.

The Faculty Senate president at the University of Nebraska at Omaha completed a third one-year term Wednesday, but not consecutively — and now under a different name from the first two terms.

“Two as Wally,” the out­going president said, “and one as Meredith.”

Meredith Bacon, formerly known as Walter M. Bacon Jr., is believed to be the first transgender person in America elected as a college or university faculty leader.

She not only is stepping away from the leadership position but also is retiring after 38 years as a UNO political science professor.

“Leaving the students, that’s the worst part about retiring,” she said. “But my health is not good enough to be as good a teacher as I need to be.”

(via omaha.com)