An old friend I went to high school with got married in NYC today, and he posted this awesome photo of him & his groom. It made me smile every time it came across my Facebook feed, so I thought… Continue Reading

DC Mayor Announces Trans Health Policy

via the DC city blog: Mayor Gray Announces Steps to Protect GLBT Community from Discrimination in Health Care (WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, the District of Columbia advanced the rights of the city’s transgender community by prohibiting discrimination in health insurance… Continue Reading

Ugandan Paper Publishes List, Names Gays

Uganda outlaws homosexuality, and a Ugandan newspaper publishes a list of gay people. A list. When this happened in 2010, gay activist David Kato was bludgeoned to death. Red Pepper’s move is similar to that of a now defunct paper… Continue Reading

Trans as Adjective (really)

Really, a recent NPR music segment asked people to describe their life in 6 songs, and one of the people whose stories and choices they featured happens to be trans. I love that there’s no other commentary besides the reflection… Continue Reading

Trans*Literate Conference – NYC, 3/29 & 30

I’m going to be speaking and running a panel on family and partners of trans people at the Trans*Literate Conference that will take place in NY on March 29th & 30th. It’s a trans symposium out of Hunter College, and… Continue Reading

But… Drag Queens.

The other day I posted and commented on an article about the way language is used in the LGBTQ+ communities, specifically about the way gay men often insist that “tranny” is not a slur even though they would never be… Continue Reading

Whose Community Can Say What?

I loved this article – which is a trans allied one, not the usual “gays don’t need trans people” bullshit that used to get spouted regularly (and probalby still does, I just stopped reading them). This is the part I… Continue Reading

Today: Trans* 101 @ SNC

Sweet Couple

I just read this lovely article about Debbie & Brian McCloskey – “He Wears a Dress, She’s Fine with That” out of LA Weekly. Made me almost sentimental about when we came out as that kind of couple, and it… Continue Reading

Pussy Riot Assaulted

Trans Inclusive Feminist Article

Well done, Tina Vazquez. Well done, Bitch Media. It has been said that feminism has failed the transgender community. It’s hard to disagree. Trans women have been weathering a storm of hate and abuse in the name of feminism for… Continue Reading

Littleton Undone

A Texas court handed down a ruling on the Araguz case the other day that basically undid the travesty of the Littleton case from back in 1999, so it’s exciting that this court decided Nikki Araguz was in fact a… Continue Reading


So today’s my mom’s 84th birthday. I’m so happy she is still with us because there have been some real health concerns the past few years, moreso since my dad died. & I’ve decided, because she has often reminded me… Continue Reading

More on Dunn, & Racism, & Injustice

I posted the news of the verdict on Facebook and wound up writing about it off & on all night. As I explained to a friend, sometimes a particular case just reminds you of how lamentable a loss of life… Continue Reading

Um, Wow. Pat Robertson Says Love Your Transgender Child.

PlanetTransgender has transcribed some of his comments: “I don’t think if somebody is a true transgender, we should condemn them. I mean, that’s just the way it is.” and “The guy’s 30 years old. I mean, he’s an adult. So,… Continue Reading

Dunn Verdict

Holy crap, you have got to be kidding me. Some days I really do want to believe we might make progress on racism in the US. Not today, apparently.

UnValentine: Another Note

Another note/update from the partner who was excluded from a women’s-only dance yesterday: UPDATE: It’s been quite an emotional roller coaster. I want to make a clarification: This is a private group of women holding a fundraiser. It is NOT… Continue Reading

Trans Partner’s UnValentine

A lesbian-identified partner of a recently transitioned trans guy thought they were going to a PFLAG dance in their local community. They politely asked whether or not they would be welcome and they were told NO. (Also, to clarify, I… Continue Reading

FB’s New Gender Options

As you probably know by now, Facebook introduced new gender options that have taken us way, way past the binary. It’s really great. There is now Male/Female/Custom in a drop down menu, and once you choose Custom, you have an… Continue Reading

Gender Neutral Teen

Safe Space Radio has a new series on LGBTQ teenagers in Maine which began with this first installment aired originally this past Monday, Feb 10th at 1pm. It’s with a teenager who identifies as gender neutral. From SSR: The series,… Continue Reading