Renisha McBride

So what the fuck is going on in this country? A woman’s car dies so she stops in a suburb (of Detroit) and knocks on a door for help and is shot in the back of the head when she turned to leave.

Her body is found nearby, except nope, it wasn’t, it was found on the front steps of this house.

I’m assuming I don’t have to tell you the suburb was white & the woman was black.

Horrifying, sickening, frustrating, and saddening. I’m tired of these stories, tired of people resolving everything with guns and violence.

& Ugh, her poor family.



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  1. This makes my gut clench up. I looked up some recent news stories on the case.

    The good news is that the murderer was finally arrested and charged – with murder, in fact! Turns out that murdering black people is illegal after all – who knew?

    The bad news is that I read some of the readers’ comments on those news stories.

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