I’m in NY for a bit, visiting family and the like, and so may not be posting very much.

NYC Drag Photos

With many recent exhibitions, screenings and publications, the queer community, particularly in New York, seems to be on an archival bent, mapping a genealogy of various aspects of LGBTQ history. Not only is queer culture experiencing archive fever, but the… Continue Reading

Lynn Conway on Transitioning in 1968

She wrote the piece as a result of going to the White House for the Pride Month Reception. Shamed as a social outcast, I’d lost my family, my friends and all social support. I’d been fired by IBM, and lost… Continue Reading

Lambda Legal’s Trans Rights Program

According to their website: “Lambda Legal has a strong commitment to litigation and public education around issues of gender identity and gender expression, and I look forward to advancing and expanding the scope of the organization’s work,” said Dru Levasseur,… Continue Reading

Jamison Green in Seattle 8/1

The one and only Jamison Green will be speaking at the Seattle Public Library on August 1st at 6:30 PM. He is, far and above, one of the brightest lights of the trans community: author of Becoming a Visible Man,… Continue Reading

Thank You

Thanks to all of you who wished me and my lovely wife a happy wedding anniversary today. I have been, as some of you have realized, feeling a lot more private lately, about a lot of things, and so am… Continue Reading

Green Bay Pride

I’m speaking, briefly, at Pride Alive today, around 11am, up in Green Bay. The event goes from 11am until 10PM, so do come. I’ve tabled for Fair Wisconsin at this event in the past, and it’s a cool thing.

Reasons Trans Is Now

During a conversation about what I do yesterday I mentioned how intense a change – for the better – it has been in the decade I’ve been doing work as a trans advocate. The VPUSA, after all, said trans rights… Continue Reading

Dustin Hoffman: Tootsie Was Never a Comedy For Me

If you haven’t seen this by now, you’re living under a bigger rock than I do. Still, this is astonishing. He cries. You will too. I did. “Sorry, that’s as good as it gets. That’s as beautiful as we can… Continue Reading

#ENDA Committee Votes 15-7 in Favor

This is good news: a 15-7 vote, says the Maddow blog, means there may actually be bipartisan support for ENDA, at long last.  

RIP: PJ Torokvei

PJ Torokvei was the head writer for WKRP in Cincinnati and also co-wrote Real Genius. Sorry to see you go, PJ, and I’m sorry you didn’t get very much life in after transition. She died on July 3rd from liver… Continue Reading

Free Music

NPR has 10 cool tracks that are free to download today, including a cool one by Neko Case.

Crossdressed Couples: Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

I love this idea: couples were asked to switch the clothes they were wearing with each other. The ones I’ve posted here, amongst others, are the ones where the switched clothes make both people look better – in my humble… Continue Reading

The Gender Book

So have you seen this cool, fully illustrated gender book? It needs to be funded for it to be published, but you can read it online for now. I haven’t read it yet, but soonly.

A Trans Woman Plays… a Trans Woman! (gasp!)

No, really: at long last, trans woman Laverne “I’ve literally played a prostitute about seven times” Cox is playing a trans women on the new Orange is the New Black. Cox, who shares an acting coach with Nicole Kidman, plays… Continue Reading

New Kids?

My wife just discovered two gray kittens, brother & sister, at a local pet store. Votes? Should we or shouldn’t we?

Anderson-Minshall on Being a Man Who’s Married to a Lesbian

I need to quote a huge chunk of this article by Jacob Anderson Minshall. It’s in response to the idea that somehow, his wife’s insistence on her own identity as a lesbian makes him less of a man. He transitioned… Continue Reading