Non-Op Resource

There is very little out there for those trans people who don’t medically transition – for various reasons – or who straddle a non-binary gender identity and expression. But today someone sent me a link to this website, which collects both resources, like their Trans 101, and stories of either non-op transitions or non-transitioning trans people.

From the site:

What there is a lack of, is information for people who don’t want to change their bodies for whatever reason.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I fully support transition. Transition is a valid option for people who experience severe dysphoria, many of these people need to transition.

What I don’t support is the pressure the law, society, and even the transgender community puts on people to get expensive medical treatment they may not want. It’s extremely hard for non-transitioners (or non-ops) to find support or resources for the unique problems facing them, and I’m hoping to fix that.

What a very cool thing. If you have any other resources like this one, feel free to post links below or email them to me.