Naked Trans Women

It’s embarrassing to hear that my fellow feminists are shaming trans women for their bodies. It breaks my heart, really. I’ve probably seen more trans women naked than the average person, and there’s nothing scary about their bodies.

They’re beautiful bodies, like all women’s bodies are.

But when Red Durkin writes this:

Specifically speaking to the issue of sexual assault survivors: Especially in a queer/lesbian space, I find it incredibly dangerous to equate penises with sexual violence. This erases MUCH of the assault/abuse/violence that happens within lesbian communities. It also erases the women who experience that violence. As I mentioned in my initial reply, I am a sexual assault survivor myself. I feel completely ignored/unseen when trans women and sexual assault survivors are spoken of as though they’re mutually exclusive. I am the cross section of those identities. So, so, SO many trans women are. Do we not deserve healing?

How much more violence can we really do to trans women’s bodies at this point? Recognizing the deep ways we shame and blame trans women does not erase or eliminate anyone’s concern for women’s bodies.

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  1. I know it is difficult to accept me as just victims of gender dysphoria but that is just what I am . I struggled for 50 plus years trying to overcome this condition, and as I neared suicide, I was intelligent enough to look for a better answer that just hitting the ultimate reset-button – death.

    So sadly I determined I would rather be seen as a freak than to go on the way I am.

    There was an option, one I never thought I would be allowed to select – transition. And it worked. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life – finally

    Yes, I expected opposition from all directions and i had some, but not as overpowering as I once expected. Some people even called me courageous. Some just accepted me because it was just how they were in their hearts. Some just really didn’t care one way or another as I don’t generally affect them in any manner.

    So no surprises other than that? Wrong! Violent reaction from so many radical feminists… HOW DARE I (etc… etc).

    In alot of ways many are more hateful than the somewhat predicable Radical Christian bigotry. Westboro Baptist Church? They hate everyone but the like-minded , but are localized. Radical feminists? Sometimes I feel they are everywhere, and they just hate me.

    My dear sisters:

    I am sorry I was born a male bodied woman. I didn’t chose to be this way. I have suffered for quite a while, and have been beat up emotionally and socially by a lot of people – but to be so violently hated by you just about destroys me. What did I ever do except be born this way? Why can’t you try to understand? It’s such an injustice to throw me away like that, and it makes me question the value of the Women’s Rights Movement. Only ‘certain women need apply? That can’t be right.

  2. Nothing stung more than my own discovery of the perspective some radical feminists have on trans women. Nothing I have ever endured even remotely compared with the pain this caused.

    Perception is an aspect of consciousness that no one can yet explain. Why we feel we need to transition cannot be understood, shared or determined by the result of any experiment until perception, the experience of being in our own mind and body, is understood.

    I don’t know what justifies rad feminists, religious radicals, scientists and garden variety bigots to make proclamations about what it means to be trans?

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