#glaadawards: John Leguizamo

Posted by – March 18, 2013

I was a giant fan of his in the early 90s when “House of Buggin'” was on TV and I was maybe the only white girl living in Washington Heights. No, really.

I didn’t see To Wong Foo when it came out, believe it or not. Mostly I went to see him on stage, for Freak and Spic O Rama and Sexaholix, which I loved (even just that clip of it is NSFW).

And he was a totally nice guy, too.

But this PSA kinda gives you the lowdown.

My wife, in the meantime, had a lovely time chatting with his wife, and a good time was had by all.

(And John, if you happen to read this: I’m not the trans one. That was my version of funny.)



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  1. trisha in florida says:

    NICE!! And did you manage not to drool? :)

  2. helenboyd says:

    ha, not really. i got kinda shy around him, to be honest.

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