Happy 83rd Birthday, Mom!

Posted by – February 17, 2013

mom dad 1952


They were Brooklyn kids, can you tell? Sweet and tough all at once.

(& Yes, we all still miss the big galoot in the photo, & we miss him a lot.)

They were in their early 20s when this one was taken, & they’re sitting on the stoop of a family home on Jerome Street, somewhere near Pitkin Avenue.

3 Comments on Happy 83rd Birthday, Mom!

  1. divadarya says:

    That’s fantastic. So great you guys have a good relationship, too. Family is really an important thing.

  2. gennee says:

    A birthday wish to your mom. I know where Jerome Street is. A Brooklyn kid here.

  3. Vincine says:

    Two miles from where I grew up. Pitkin Av. Ozone Park, Queens.

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