December Demons

Sometimes hurting is a reminder that you can still feel — which is what it’s all about. To everyone who is angry, lonely, estranged from love, or disappointed – take heart from your heart hurting: you’re still alive to try again. Love to all of you who hurt today, or who have hurt this month; the holidays are a difficult reminder of what we want & don’t yet have, or used to have & don’t have anymore.

Mostly, though, I wanted to thank all of you who wanted a call this December, and who reached out via The December Project; the honest truth is that it did my heart more good to be an ear to others than it probably was for all of you to hear our voices.

& Yes, we’re still doing it, until this month and its demons are gone with the calendar page.

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  1. Helen – many thanks for the time you spent on the phone with me late one evening – after you’d been out shoveling your driveway after a storm, no less. Your generosity of time and self meant more to me than you can possibly know. It was simultaneously supportive and comforting as well as a frank reality check on a couple of points I really needed to hear.

    Thanks to all of you that gifted us with the December Project. The work that you are all doing is so crucial and life-giving!

    God bless you all,

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