LGBT Voting: 90% for Obama

CMI Election Poll:

• 90% of Gays and Lesbians Vote for Barack Obama

• LGBTs are second only to the African American community in support for President Obama

The Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) pre-election poll showed that 90% of gay men and lesbians voted for Barack Obama.

The election poll of 6,625 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) United States citizens was administered November 2-4, 2012 and responses were received from all 50 states. LGBTs represent an estimated 5% of United States voters and an overwhelming majority supported the coalition that produced Barack Obama’s victory.

90% support for Obama was seen in all Battleground States. The LGBT percentage was just below the level that Obama received from the African American community.

Demonstrating the importance of the election, 95% of LGBTs indicated that they would vote in the election and 41% indicated that the had already voted before election day.

Final data indicated that 90% supported Barack Obama, 6% for Mitt Romney and 4% a third party candidate.

41% of gays and lesbians gave money to the Obama campaign.

One Reply to “LGBT Voting: 90% for Obama”

  1. The question (of course) is, only 90 percent? Six percent voted for Romney?

    To use an old saying, an LGBTQ person voting for the Republican ticket is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. They want us dead, or at least beaten into submission.

    I wish I could vote for Republican candidates. I have voted for Republicans in the past.

    But right now, I just can’t, not when their entire party platform involves demonizing feminism, rolling back protections for LGBTQ people, and persecuting racial and religious minorities. I don’t care what I think of a Republican candidates’ other policies — if they refuse to repudiate their party’s extreme social agenda, I am not interested.

    And yes, this TG person donated to President Obama and other Democratic candidates, including two women running for U.S. congress. I phone-banked a little bit, too.

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