Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Obama #2: Women & Choice

(Okay, that’s two. But stick with me.)

Mitt Romney just made an ad for this guy Rick Berg. Rick Berg believes women who get abortions due to rape should be imprisoned.

So as much as we all might joke about “binders full of women”, the reality is that Romney and (most of) his cohorts and completely out of touch with women. (And for those who still don’t understand why the binders were funny, try this on for size: he knew plenty of men who were qualified to be in his cabinet. That he didn’t know any women who would be qualified tells us all we need to know about how “equal” he thinks women are.)

The next President gets to choose Supreme Court justices, and a shift to the right for the SC could mean the undoing of Roe V. Wade. That’s actually the plan.

Planned Parenthood, which provides sex and health information to women, as well as breast cancer screenings, regular pap smears and birth control, is on Romney’s chopping block. Women’s health is not just a woman’s issue. Women’s health impacts everyone.

Then there’s the global gag rule, forced vaginal ultrasounds for women choosing abortion, the “personhood” of gametes — and, um, no Republicans voted for the Lily Ledbetter Act, which allows women to sue if it turns out they have been paid less than men in the same position.

Ladies, let’s do this. I will personally thank any RepublicanĀ  who gets out there & votes for Obama only because of the Republican Party’s sexist and misogynist ideas about women. You have absolutely no excuse not to vote today. We fought and died and went to jail for the right, and there are still people who would prefer that we didn’t. So go. Do it. Tell your husband or your boyfriend you’ll vote his way if that’s what it takes & then vote how you want. That’s the whole point of the anonymous thing.