Wendy Carlos at the DNC?

A reader sent this along:

Didn’t Wendy Carlos (Switched on Bach, The Well Tempered Synthesizer, A Clockwork Orange, etc.) sing / preform the National Anthem at a DNC? I think it was one of the Jimmy Carter Conventions which would be 1980 or 84. There was a bit of an uproar since the Convention Program listed . . . her former first name . . . but out came Wendy.

Can anyone confirm this?

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  1. I don’t remember. It might have been 1980. It’s not referenced on her Wikipedia page or her website, wendycarlos.com.
    It’s also not mentioned in the 1979 Playboy interview which is referenced on the Wikipedia page. From her web page, she is very upset with Playboy and just wants to be taken seriously as a musician without this big asterisk after her name. I agree with her totally on that.

    I read the Playboy article. On its own, it’s not bad and definitely informative about the transition process 40 years ago and especially the problems of being well known as a male and then trying to be accepted as a female. A lot of that, unfortunately, is still relevant today.

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