Road Trip

Sorry for not mentioning this sooner, but I’m currently traveling from Appleton to Long Island to Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again from July 23rd until August 10th. My response to email will be slow and I will only rarely… Continue Reading

Vagina Song

When I first saw the title I was kind of hoping it would be sung to the tune of “Redemption Song” but no such luck. Many of you will find it tasteless, offensive, and crass. Others will think it’s charming… Continue Reading

Isis King / Janet Mock

Here’s a cool interview by the folks at In the Life: Isis King of America’s Top Model is interviewed by/conversing with Janet Mock, the out black trans woman of People magazine.

Bill Corbett Rocks

The comedian Bill Corbett used the word “tranny” on Twitter & had no idea how offensive it was. He went on to write this, & I thought it was (1) not only considered and smart and humane, but (2) it… Continue Reading

MHB MS. Copies

I have two manuscript copies of My Husband Betty left in my files, and after this last move, I want them gone too. If anyone wants them, speak now or they go to the shredder. I’d only ask that you… Continue Reading

Scout’s Dishonor

I was interviewed for a local newspaper article about the Boy Scouts of America decision to keep the ban on gays in place. Lawrence University professor Helen Boyd, author of two books about her relationship with a transgender partner, said… Continue Reading

Tech Tools, Master’s House

Two Chrome extensions: Jailbreak the Patriarchy – which swaps out all the “he” pronouns for “she” pronouns, and Jailbreak the Binary, which replaces all gendered pronouns for gender neutral ones. Cool.


Bowie, Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias on SNL back in ’79. This was one of the first live performances I ever saw on SNL – I think a sibling let me stay up when mom & dad were out –… Continue Reading

50 Shades of Gottfried

In honor of our 11th wedding anniversary, because there’s nothing sexier than funny.

Male Femme Responds

A transvestite of my acquaintance has written a very interesting response to the radfem anti-trans position that is worth reading. Jeffreys, and other radfems, seek to disenfranchise trans women on the basis that they are just transvestite men, and this… Continue Reading

GoodWill’s LGBT Programming Needs Your Support

GoodWill Industries of North Central Wisconsin is helping sponsor an event for LGBTQ youth which is a celebration of 15 years of the GLBT Partnership. The Partnership is a youth group that meets and provides support to teens who identify… Continue Reading

Sound Writing Advice

Some cool tips from C.S. Lewis about writing, via Abagond: Read all the good books you can, and avoid nearly all magazines. Always write (and read) with the ear, not the eye. You should hear every sentence you write as… Continue Reading

Moving Day

We are moving again, and again within Appleton, this time from our lovely cool industrial apartment on the river to a house that will be just ours. A basement, a garage, & a yard. It will be the first time… Continue Reading

Idle Idyll

Idleness is not just a vacation, an indulgence or a vice; it is as indispensable to the brain as vitamin D is to the body, and deprived of it we suffer a mental affliction as disfiguring as rickets. The space… Continue Reading

Men & Strippers

I found a blog of men’s letters about their experiences going to strip clubs – some stories of first times, or lifelong membership, but others try to explain the why of going. Its unfair to say that all women in… Continue Reading

Online Support Groups

My online group for trans partners via Yahoo Groups still exists, and is always taking on new members. You can find it here: It is open to *all* partners of trans people – male, female, genderqueer, queer, het, etc.… Continue Reading

Riki Wilchins’ Mangina Monologue

“Because old guys getting erections is vital to the very moral fiber of our social foundation.” Funny. I never thought Riki Wilchins would do dick jokes.

Domestic Violence PSA

This is chilling. And informative: It’s for In New York, there’s NYC’s services, as well as Safe Horizon. In Wisconsin, here’s a list. In the Fox cities, there’s Harbor House and the SACC. Please do donate to any or… Continue Reading

Make Her Toast

No, really, it’s on the list of bad sex advice tips from Cosmo as compiled by Jezebel. You know, equal opportunity goofiness. Here are a few favorites: 21. Take a pearl necklace and “…lightly lubricate the pearls and your penis.… Continue Reading