Max “Sasha” Reinhart

This is the kind of crossdresser story we have all grown to dread, no? College professor crossdresses for sex work.

And yet: I wonder where exactly, as a culture, we’re supposed to put the kind of fantasy role play this person was indulging in. I can not believe ze was doing sex work for the money. I just don’t. Gender is a rough thing to work out when you’re an adult man with adult repsonsibilities, and this line, in particular, keeps glaring at me:

Reinhart is said to be a wonderful teacher and well-liked by students and colleagues.

Because I don’t doubt it, and it points to the human being this person is. Ze made a very bad decision, no doubt. But I want to know the rest of the story, because there is always more story.

My sympathies, Max/Sasha Reinhart. I’m sorry you had no one to run this idea past before you did it, or at least no one to convince you it was a bad, bad call.

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  1. Or, it may just be that having sex for money(done it. fun, if it’s not your only way of supporting yourself) is one of the last taboos demonized by the Church on one side and some feminists on the other.

    This gets back to that annoying question; can rape be socially unacceptable while a rape fantasy is not?

    I think sex and sexuality scares the shit out of people, personally.

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