Sugarbutch: Because

For pride month, I thought it might be cool to put up some of my favorite internet queer; although I’ve got links in the right column of this site, I haven’t always said something about the site.

So first up is the Sugarbutch Chronicles, which are, according to author Sinclair Sexsmith, “an online writing project (aka “blog”) which explores sovereignty, healing, and communication through the personal examinations of sex, gender, and relationships, while celebrating queer sexuality, gender, culture, and identity in ways that are expansive rather than restrictive, liberating rather than limiting.”

You can read more about Sexsmith, of course, but the reason I thought to post about Sugarbutch was this hot little story about the 3-minute game. Some of Sexsmith’s stories get a lot heavier than this one – which you’d expect from a self-described “kinky queer butch top” – but this one was just so sweet, wasn’t it? It might be a nice way to indulge your partner’s desire for something you don’t always love doing, or to suggest something you’ve always wanted to feel but haven’t ever asked for.

We both have stories in Tristan Taormino’s Take Me There, which just happened to win itself a Lambda Literary Award (or Lammy) for best trans fiction.