Pride Ends: Stonewall Narrative

For the last day of Pride, a great essay on the Stonewall riots by someone who was there. Here’s an excerpt: Coming out of the subway station at Christopher Street, we could hear the commotion. The shoving and pushing by… Continue Reading

Max “Sasha” Reinhart

This is the kind of crossdresser story we have all grown to dread, no? College professor crossdresses for sex work. And yet: I wonder where exactly, as a culture, we’re supposed to put the kind of fantasy role play this… Continue Reading

Gad Beck

Gad Beck was the last known gay Jewish survivor of the Nazi concentration camps. He died just before his 89th birthday. Under the Nazi regime, he famously dressed-up as a Hitler Youth member, and entered a deportation camp to free… Continue Reading

Out as Trans in Academia

Here’s a nice piece by Rachel McKinnon in CHE about being out as trans in the classroom. But let’s face it: If I don’t say something, there is a great big elephant in the room. My name has been changed,… Continue Reading

New LGBTQ Leadership: South + Midwest

There are certainly organizations (hello, Trans Ohio!) missing from this list, but it’s still good to see a bunch of new names and new projects. I particularly like this one: Kezia Curtis Detroit, Michigan Kezia Curtis wanted to learn more… Continue Reading

43 Years Ago Today…

Human Variation

The caption to the photo says: Four-legged Myrtle Corbin, who bore two children from her first vagina and three from her second. The whole article – photos of circus “freaks” by Charles Eisenmann from the 1800s – is fascinating. And… Continue Reading

Rheims With Gender

I really am not sure what to think of this project. The idea was to photograph genders, as she did in the 80s, but somewhere along the way she discovered a few people who were genderqueer or trans*. I love… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Kimbra

This is one of those songs that’s going to be entirely misunderstood, much like “Every Breath You Take Was”. I’ll put money on it showing up at weddings, even. And don’t miss some of the coldest lyrics about marriage I’ve… Continue Reading

Kids’ Fashion

It’s a rare thing for me to post anything about kids, but I keep going back to my friend Jill’s blog Supergoodybag because it’s so pretty. It’s fashion for kids and Jill has a really great eye for gender neutral… Continue Reading

A Modest Proposal

A trans guy puts the video of him proposing to his fiancee up on YouTube and the right wing mocks them. But he wasn’t having it, and has responded with grace and humor and steeliness: “To Laura Ingraham, a Fox… Continue Reading

Throw His Disco Stick a Party

These made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt: the 44 worst pieces of sex advice offered by Cosmo. My favorites: 7. “Fifty-six percent of unmarried men prefer receiving head while lying down as opposed to standing up, while the… Continue Reading

Int’l Olympics Sets Sex Policy

Wow, this is huge news. Since Caster Semenya’s case first hit the headlines – which it never should have done for the sake of her privacy – there’s been a lot of speculation about women and competition. That is, there… Continue Reading

What To Do with Grief

Sometimes I wonder whether writing a book to deal with my father’s death and all the other loss I’ve experienced in the last year is the right thing to do. Then I see this woman’s art as a response to… Continue Reading

Title IX: Equity in Education (Not Just Sports)

I’ve been a self-proclaimed feminist for 20 years now, and it took me a very, very long while to realize that Title IX was not ONLY about sports. It states: No person in the United States shall, on the basis… Continue Reading

Sandusky Convicted

45 out of 48 counts, too.

Go Tammy Go

Her first political ad:

Katie from Tulsa

Here’s a story from Tulsa about a young trans woman – the first out trans woman we know of who graduated high school transitioned – but I have my misgivings about stories about young trans people. I think it’s hard… Continue Reading

Subscribe to This Blog

If you look at the right hand column, you can now subscribe to this blog. The really cool part is that you can edit for categories – so if you don’t like my politics but want my reports on trans… Continue Reading

Green Daniel’s Letter to His Senator

I loved this letter from the father of a trans man to his senator about ENDA and thought you all would, too. Dear Senator Alexander, I was on an airplane this afternoon, minutes from landing in Nashville, when my cabin… Continue Reading