Radfem Trans Misogyny

It makes me sad still. Feminism is better than this, but it persists.

Adrienne Rich was thanked by Janice Raymond in The Transsexual Empire.

She was also thanked by Leslie Feinberg and Minnie Bruce Pratt in their books, which may mean she was only ever okay with some FTM spectrum trans people. So maybe she was only trans misogynist, which is hardly better.

If anyone has any actual evidence in her work of her feelings about transness, I would love to know.

Some days the irony of “biology is not destiny” being a feminist slogan isn’t funny at all.

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  1. Here is a transwoman’s take on Adrienne Rich and the RadFem misogyny when it comes to transwomen. http://gcvsa.tumblr.com/post/2.....many-parts

    Perhaps if radfeminists would admit that errors were made and come out against this selective misogyny , we could heal the wounds. It is now up to the radfems to make the first move here. Like you say, Feminism is better than this. Will the next generation recognize that mistakes were made?

  2. typo alert: It’s “The Transsexual Empire,” of course. I think the Transsexual Menace was a group of trans women back in the day. Riki Wilchins, maybe?

    This was the subject of a lengthy thread on Feministe after Adrienne Rich died. I spent a lot of time looking, and found nothing she wrote herself about trans women, or about trans people in general. (Just some rather nasty stuff about gay men as sadistic pederasts, in her famous “Compulsory Heterosexuality” essay.) My take is that she probably had the same trans-misogynistic views as a lot of her contemporaries, but — fortunately — wasn’t sufficiently obsessed with the subject to write about it herself.

  3. Ironically, she banalized the mtf trans person by choosing to apply her own thesis to define them. This despite the sharing of similar predicaments.

    I wonder if she knew about lesbian mtf s?

  4. Donna, nice catch! I’ve always done that, although I do remember to take out that other S occasionally, at least.

    Lesbian MTFs, Jenn, were considered the worst of the worst.

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