It’s now the tallest building in NYC. & About fucking time.

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Cool. (Notice what age you know the child’s gender.)

Ripped & Religious

Here’s a cool story about a female Episcopalian priest who is also a body builder. She’s from Wisconsin, of course. Decades ago my church decided that the ordination of women was a just and morally responsible thing. Some people left… Continue Reading

First Watch

One of the great pleasures of working at Lawrence is getting to see someone like Michael Mizrahi play on a regular basis: different music, different groups, different stages, but all of it thoughtful, moving, and beautiful. & He makes me… Continue Reading

New Philly FTM Group

I don’t know anymore about it than what you can read here, but get the words out to your friends in the Philly neck of the woods. FTM coming-out support group: weekly support group for ftms and transmen in the… Continue Reading

Unfunny Bedfellows


Two years ago, Obama unveiled a new goal: to double U.S. exports over the next five years. It’s working. “American exports are up 34 percent since the president gave that speech, and the number continues to rise.” Indeed: Gobama.

Horrible, Horrible Racism

Here’s the story. On Sunday, April 15th, at the Moderna Museet the Swedish Artists Organisation celebrated World Art Day, as well as celebrating its own 75th birthday. Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth, the culture Minister, was Invited to speak and a number of… Continue Reading

CrossDresser Humor

Jessica Who makes me laugh. Maybe she’ll make you laugh too. You can check out her “Best of” videos here, and her channel is cool too.

Huge News: Trans & Title VII

HUGE news, and long awaited: An employer who discriminates against an employee or applicant on the basis of the person’s gender identity is violating the prohibition on sex discrimination contained in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,… Continue Reading

Alan Turing

Here’s a nice piece by Radiolab on Alan Turing, who was convicted of “Gross Indecency” in England. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s what Oscar Wilde was convicted of, both of them a result of the Labouchere Amendment which… Continue Reading

FVUUF: Wellspring Wednesday

I’m speaking at the local Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship this Wednesday, on a night they call Wellspring Wednesday. I’ll be doing the talk I call Trans 101: Building a Trans Inclusive Community, and I’m very much looking forward to… Continue Reading

Radical Nun

Oh, the Church and its consistency with being misogynist. The Vatican has investigated and censured American nuns for being too feminist.   The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), an umbrella group representing most of America’s 55,000 nuns, is in… Continue Reading

ENDA Again

Gay City News has an interesting article on the possibility of ENDA being passed be Executive Order. Mara Keisling of NCTE gets cranky about it, & rightfully so. But it’s an interesting idea, & might especially be interesting to those… Continue Reading

Just Because

I’m feeling downright joyous lately, & I have no idea why.

Out of Love

This was written by a partner who calls herself Elf, who wrote it for a trans person who calls herself Elle, “when she got so disoriented & disgusted by the face she sees in the mirror every day that she… Continue Reading

Biometrics and Trans

Here’s an interesting TruthOut article on the impact that biometric scanning has had on trans people and others whose gender presentations don’t “match” their physical body. This story is about people, not their anatomy, except that in the case of… Continue Reading

National Haiku Day

It’s National Haiku Day! I went through a brief period of writing these & haven’t since. Off the top of my head, here are a few new ones. objecting to the cold i stick hands in my pockets how is… Continue Reading

Trans Issues on TV

This is pretty damn great. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy (But not without its shortcomings.)

Radfem Trans Misogyny

It makes me sad still. Feminism is better than this, but it persists. Adrienne Rich was thanked by Janice Raymond in The Transsexual Empire. She was also thanked by Leslie Feinberg and Minnie Bruce Pratt in their books, which may… Continue Reading