Brave: New Disney

Posted by – March 19, 2012

I am worried they’re still going to marry her off at the end, but this looks like it might not suck.

The trailer’s here.

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  1. AshleyP says:

    They even got the physics of a shot arrow right!

  2. Jude says:

    Does she get thrown into the arena with 23 others until only one is left? Oh wait, that’s another young woman archer….

  3. jadecath says:

    For a heartbeat when the redhead with the bow appeared from the crowd, I didn’t recognize her as the princess without her headdress, and thought – WOW! A woman’s here to claim the princess’s hand – Disney is getting brave!

    I bet they’ll hook her up with a boy later on, but she still looks like a pretty awesome heroine – no passive Disney princess for sure. Even better if they let her stay single, of course – not that I’m not all for love stories, I just hate the message that no girl’s story is satisfactory without one.

  4. milylasouris says:

    @jadecath: That’s exactly what I thought! Wouldn’t that have been fun?

    This film definitely shows promise and it would be wonderful if Disney had the guts to portray a female character in a strong, positive way. Could it even be the first Disney film to pass the Bechdel Test?

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