Romney @ Lawrence

Mitt Romney’s speaking at Lawrence University in an hour or so. He’s meant to give a policy talk, the unveiling of which is a Big Deal. In the meantime, this article about Lawrence – by an alum who now lives… Continue Reading

RIP: Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich died, and the world is a little less poetic – and a little less political – as a result. Translations By Adrienne Rich You show me the poems of some woman my age, or younger translated from your… Continue Reading

WI Prison Law & GID

A while back, a federal judge here in Wisconsin ruled that the 2005 Sex Change Prevention Act (really? was that necessary?) was deemed unconstitutional because it represents: “deliberate indifference to the plaintiffs’ serious medical needs in violation of the Eighth… Continue Reading

Julia Sweeney Does Sex Ed

Hysterical, and probably even funnier for those of you who parent. It does make me wonder if there is something more like a sex education appropriate video of humans having sex that isn’t porn per se. There should be. (Thanks… Continue Reading


A trans guy is running for City Council on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (from whence come all things progressive). “I’m not running because I’m transgender,” said Mr. Wymore, 50, who was born female but now, after testosterone therapy… Continue Reading

Not Just Homos

What’s interesting to me is that it’s never just “sexual deviants” that are targeted by people who are homophobic. You’ll notice the same crowd goes after women who expect to make decisions about their own sexualities and bodies, and in… Continue Reading

I Am Trans

GLAAD has a new campaign to help educate not just the mainstream population, but specifically the LGB about trans people and identities. Here’s a start: Ours is coming!

Just Because I Love It

Meds for Women

It’s pretty ridiculous that most clinical trial leaders effectively ignore the fact that women absorb and metabolize drugs completely differently than men, especially since, according to this study, women use an average of five prescription drugs compared to less than… Continue Reading

No to Urban Outfitters

So Urban Outfitters was selling a card that said: Jack and Jill went up the hill / So Jack could see Jilly’s fanny / But Jack got a shock / and an eyeful of cock / Because Jill was a… Continue Reading

Trans Canada

I’ve got someone who needs trans resources in Ontario, Canada. Please feel free to post them here, or email me with them & I will. Thank you!

Brave: New Disney

I am worried they’re still going to marry her off at the end, but this looks like it might not suck. The trailer’s here.

“Viagra Review Board”

There’s a jokey photo circulating that’s meant to be a humorous response to the (male) (Republican) attempt to make birth control illegal and/or not covered by health insurance. In it, a group of women, most of them white haired,  all… Continue Reading

Andrew in Drag

Ah, Magnetic Fields. Lyrics:

Traveling While Trans

Cool new information about Traveling While Trans when it comes to the TSA and security. Amongst other things: Private Screening: Screening can be conducted in a private screening area with a witness or companion of the traveler’s choosing. A traveler… Continue Reading

Doonesbury – Day 5

ENDA: Write Now

There’s a good column by the one & only Jillian Weiss on the current need to contact your legislators about ENDA and the potential Executive Order that could help it become law. We need this one, and we need it… Continue Reading

Doonesbury – Day 4

Doonesbury – Day 3

Oh yes. It’s just getting better.

Sad News Out of Mexico

A trans LGBTQ activist named Agnes Torres Sulca was found dead as her friends and family feared she would be. It’s hard to read about this kind of violence and not think there but for the grace of god. Condolences… Continue Reading