Not Even a Closet

What an amazing article on gay rights, particularly in New York, but in general, as well. That’s why the celebrations in New York last June, while merited, must be seen as provisional. That’s also why Democratic leaders who profess fierce… Continue Reading

de Sade on Homosexuality

“We wonder that savagery could ever reach the point where you condemn to death an unhappy person all of whose crime amounts to not sharing your tastes.” – the Marquis de Sade, from The Philosophy of the Bedroom

Two Tune Tuesday: Rae Spoon

The Montreal-based transgender indie/electro experimentalist just released their sixth album, I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets — an emotional electro pop exploration of grief and loss inspired by the death of a friend. Musically, it’s the former Calgary country… Continue Reading

This is Your Brain on Love.

Is it possible for one person to love more than another? In an attempt to find out, filmmaker Brent Hoff teamed with Stanford University neuroscientists to test lovers’ abilities, using an fMRI to monitor brain activity and measure whose adoration… Continue Reading

Asexuality/Aromantic Links

Don’t know what asexuality is? Don’t understand why someone might identify as aromantic? Would like, as a sex-positive feminist, to quit dismissing asexuality as a “problem” or illness or personal shortfall? Then do some reading. Here’s a little piece on… Continue Reading

Not Your Whipping Girl

My erotic story in Taormino’s Take Me There, which is an anthology of trans & genderqueer erotica, got slagged in a review in Original Plumbing recently, and after reading it, & reading how much the reviewer didn’t seem to get… Continue Reading

MD = 8

Maryland just voted through a bill to make same sex marriage legal, with this added detail: Maryland will become the eighth state to allow gay marriage when Gov. Martin O’Malley, who sponsored the bill, signs the legislation. Wow. This is… Continue Reading

RIP Barney Gosset

He published Ginsberg, Beckett, DH Lawrence, and Henry Miller – whose Tropic of Cancer which attracted 60 legal cases and attempted bans in 21 states. Naked Lunch. The Story of O. Waiting for Godot. He made Beckett’s film Film –… Continue Reading

MD News

There’s been an interesting decision in Maryland, which leaves companies to decide on “appropriate” decisions for restrooms and dressing rooms for employees, and which leaves gender-based appearance requirements in tact, BUT which prohibits discrimination based on gender in a way… Continue Reading

Bonsoir, Mademoiselle

France has officially dropped Mademoiselle from the lexicon, as there is no equivalent for young men. Abbreviated Mlle., the term was often used to imply a woman’s unmarried state; symbolically, her virginal or simply youthful state. But there is no… Continue Reading


Today is Feminist Pride Day! So why are you a feminist?

Medical Treatment of Trans Youth

This is the kind of progress that is long overdue. Switching gender roles and occasionally pretending to be the opposite sex is common in young children. But these kids are different. They feel certain they were born with the wrong… Continue Reading

Low T

There’s a testosterone shortage in effect which is being felt particularly in Canada but by some US men as well. That said, here’s a great post on testosterone shortages, including what you can do when they happen. There’s also a… Continue Reading

Primary Election Day

Appleton’s got a political primary today: for mayor, and some alderpeople. So why not a little song about a political heroine, Mother Jones?


“You know who’s not ‘all Catholics now’? All Catholics now. 98% of Catholic women have used birth control and the other 2% are the ones always trying to get the softball team started.” Speaking of: if the real thing is… Continue Reading

Trans Ambassadors Needed

From the Empire State Pride Agenda: Action Alert: Community Ambassador Trainings Dear Supporter, Do you care about transgender equality and justice? Want to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be a proactive leader in your community? Become an Empire… Continue Reading

Formerly Poppy Z.

I think maybe I was the last to know, but horror novelist Poppy Z. Brite has transitioned, and is now Billy Martin. You can read more about his journey on his blog.

New HUD Rules

HUD, or the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, has made LGBTQ a protected identity when it comes to discrimination in housing. Amazing news.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom’s 82nd birthday. This is her when she was 19. She’s in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, on a date with my dad, wearing trousers because Katharine Hepburn did. This is the first birthday in 60 years she’ll… Continue Reading

This Week’s Progress: NJ

Not only has NJ passed a marriage equality bill through the state house & senate, but they don’t have enough votes to over-ride the governor’s (expected) veto. That would be 8, folks. It’s cheering to see so much progress, even… Continue Reading