The Company You Keep

A friend of mine wrote a song with that title a long time ago, & the band White Rabbits has a similarly titled song too. I think it’s still the motto of some insurance company. A long time ago a… Continue Reading

End of Year Links

As a follow-up to my piece about warding off nihilism with gratitude, I’ve found this image, by Scott Sonnon. If you can’t see it well enough here, try this link for a bigger version. Which in turn goes well with… Continue Reading

Iggy Pop on Death & Aging

A friend posted this on Facebook and it was one of those things that hit me square between the eyes: maybe punk rock thoughts on death and aging are overdue, but either way, I was glad to see it. Such… Continue Reading


It’s the end of the year, and as much as I would like to write back to every email I get from readers, I never do. If I did I would never get my own work done. BUT: I do… Continue Reading

Scalzi on Why He’s a Trans Ally

& This explanation of why he supports trans people, from one of my wife’s favorite writers, John Scalzi, which is really common sense and compassion: People who are trans seem to me to have a particularly hard journey: The eventual… Continue Reading


Tomorrow, David Jay, the founder of and AVEN (the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) is going to be on Tristan Taormino’s radio show Sex Out Loud. Here’s a trailer for this documentary (A)Sexual: (A)sexual Trailer from Angela Tucker on… Continue Reading

December Demons

Sometimes hurting is a reminder that you can still feel — which is what it’s all about. To everyone who is angry, lonely, estranged from love, or disappointed – take heart from your heart hurting: you’re still alive to try… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

This one made me cry like an idiot. Enjoy, and may we all find some peace in this upcoming year.

Albanian Sworn Virgins

This is more a photo essay, but it’s a good one, with pretty great photography of these women who live as men. Burrnesha is the term in Albanian.

Chan Lowe Cartoon

“Never has the dedication of the people who practice the teaching profession been spotlighted in the way it has over the past few days.We were shown, in dramatic terms, to what lengths teachers are willing to go to fulfill the… Continue Reading

WI Domestic Partnerships

In the midst of all this bad news – the NRA’s ongoing thick-headedness, Iowa’s full speed reversal into 1953 – there is some good news out of the state of Wisconsin: namely, that Wisconsin’s domestic partnership registry has been upheld… Continue Reading

Sexy Xmas Gifts

No, really, you can get the person with a penis in your life one of these! It’s  called a Tuggie. Not like a Huggie, although I bet you could get one of those to match. Why buy a boring, bland… Continue Reading


I got back to Appleton yesterday just in time for a blizzard to drop! It’s very pretty, and actually a very nice welcome back.

Happy Holidays!

And this, a new video created by my lovely spouse and performed by members of Lawrence’s amazing Conservatory. Or, this is the pretty place where we work.

No Liberty, Just Death

Not this year, but every year forever, these families’ holidays will be full of horrible memory. What a shitty, shitty thing. All that trauma, of the kids & the families & the teachers. Enough already. I would like to see… Continue Reading

Lawrence’s New President

Lawrence University just named Mark Burstein as the next President. Way down at the bottom of the press release, this little detail: “Burstein will be joined in Appleton by his spouse David Calle, who is the Global Chief Financial Officer… Continue Reading


I’m off for 2 weeks in NYC today, so if I don’t blog much, you know why.

Dysphoria > Disorder > Dysphoria

And the APA has reinvented the wheel. Still, this will hopefully be good news. Interesting other news is that he APA is working on treatment guidelines, or what sounds like an APA version of the SOC. Here’s Julia Serano’s take… Continue Reading

Help For a Packers Fan

Yes, amazingly enough: I’m writing something about a Packers fan. It’s a special case. He’s my nephew, the one who was born when I was but 6 years old, my oldest brother’s son. He’s a lifelong NYer and a lifelong… Continue Reading

Don’t Be Lonely: Introducing The December Project

This is crossposted from Jennifer Finney Boylan’s blog. By Jennifer Finney Boylan | Published: December 1, 2012 I wanted to announce what we’re calling THE DECEMBER PROJECT, a reachout by Dylan Scholinski, Mara Keisling, Jennifer Finney Boylan, and Helen Boyd… Continue Reading