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No Worries About Westboro

This amazing group has already been invited and will be doing the work of keeping Phelps and his gang away from the service. What a relief, and the perfect response for Appleton. The LGBTQ community can stay home.

Alert: Westboro Coming to Appleton

Westboro Baptist Church – Rev. Phelps and his gang – are coming to Appleton to protest a fallen soldier. They are hateful, disrespectful, un-Christian bigots who bring their hatred of homosexuality into the private and traumatic grief of the families… Continue Reading

Jon Stewart on Chaz Bono

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Nice work, Jon Stewart, for making these bigots the 7th grade bullies we know they are.

Seeking Trans+ activists for coalitions in CO, IA, MA, ME

From the always-amazing Michael Munson of FORGE: FORGE is looking to identify trans-savvy individuals in Boulder, CO; Iowa City / Cedar Rapids / Johnson County, IA; Boston, MA; and the state of Maine who are interested in working in coalition… Continue Reading

Slutwalk Critique

An Open Letter from Black Women to the SlutWalk, it’s titled, but it should be called how to dismantle white privilege in feminist movements, or something similar. Black women in the U.S. have worked tirelessly since the 19th century colored… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Goldfrapp

Caputo’s “Monsters”

Keith Mina Caputo of Life of Agony is transitioning, and she just released this difficult, amazing song. It may be triggery for just hard to watch for some, as a few people on our message boards have pointed out. Compelling,… Continue Reading

Appleton Domestic Partner Benefits

I just got this note from Katie Belander of FAIR WI. As you all know, I was one of the “local LGBT leaders” who spoke at this Appleton Common Council meeting in favor of the city granting domestic partner benefits.… Continue Reading

Take Me There

Tristan Taormino’s Take Me There:Trans and Genderqueer Erotica is on sale! I’ve got a piece in this one, as do many others.

Artist’s Statement

How do you not love artists? A sculptor has created a sculpture of her and her wife, in bed naked and embracing, as their headstone in Woodlawn cemetary. She said: “Since all we were legally afforded was death, I was… Continue Reading

Troy Davis Was Killed Tonight

And we, as a nation, should be ashamed of this barbarity we have the indecency to call justice.  

“Crossdressed” Person Amongst LI Serial Killer’s Victims

As it turns out, the only male killed by what police think is a serial killer was wearing women’s clothes when he died 5-10 years ago and he was quite possibly a sex worker. He was in his young 20s,… Continue Reading

DADT – Trans = Better, Not Best

I’m glad DADT has gone the way of history (and somewhat amazed such an idiotic policy had such a long tenure), but the fact of it is trans people are not covered by the repeal of DADT: crossdressing and cross-gender… Continue Reading

Call for Birth Certificate Change Stories

Lisa Mottet of the The Task Force needs information about experiences in updating gender on birth certificates. She is writing an article that recommends better state policies and wants to include experiences (anonymous okay) about whether you have tried or… Continue Reading

No Gender for Social Security

NCTE has been working on the bureauacratical mess within Social Security viz a viz gender markers. If you’ve noticed, there is no gender marker on your Social Security card, but somehow gender started getting added to people’s files anyway, &… Continue Reading

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tomboy

So I’ve started riding a bicycle again. It’s the first time I’ve done so in about 25 years. I bought the one I’ve got for $20 from a departing faculty member, which gave me the perfect non-committal way of seeing… Continue Reading

Stop Trans Pathologization

The group calling for a Day of Action on October 22nd to Stop Trans Pathologization has a new document up on their site, a kind of “state of the union” combined with a call to action.

Two Tune Tuesday: Photographs (from the 80s)

How can you not love a band that came up with “another Kodak whore, winking” and “see the red light rinsing another shutter slut wincing”? I know, I know, slut-shaming is bad, but I still love the sound of those… Continue Reading

What We Lost

World Trade Center 1 in New York City It was one of the most amazing views of anything I’ve ever seen; I’ve never felt so close to the numinous than when I was at the top.