GaGa’s Drag King Performance

Posted by – August 29, 2011

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She stayed in drag & accepted the “best female performance” award in drag, too, which I can’t help but appreciate. I can’t stand the song – ugh, rock ballads. So what’s the vote? Does she make a decent king? I like the way her physicality changed – you can see how she’s keeping her shoulders, torso and hips a little stiffer.

3 Comments on GaGa’s Drag King Performance

  1. What’s wrong with rock ballads? I’ve sung more than a few in my time! :-)

  2. divadarya says:

    Worthy of Annie Lennox. I just like her. All rock stars do drag; she’s just doing it and letting the others comment.

  3. TheNerd says:

    Finally, all my straight girl friends fell in love with her too!

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