NYT Goes Nuts With Trans Stories…

The NYT has an article on silicone pumping and trans women, and a piece by a woman whose husband transitioned, AND another column by Boylan. Even I’m starting to think they’re overcompensating for past negligence.

That said, 12.5k trans women in all of NYC has to be the lowest of lowball estimates. Even if they’re only talking about transsexual women who seek medical intervention I think that’s got to be low.

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  1. Helen,
    The article arrived in my Metropolitan section of my NY Times today. I had heard of this practice much earlier via another space where someone died. I thought that it was some freakish incident, evidently not.

    It paints a horrific picture of the “TG” community…whatever that is. It leaves us looking delusional and worst of all very ignorant. I feel empathy and sorry for those sisters but I will not be linked to them.

    Every “Trans Woman” as you feel the need to call us is a male that is very successful. I think that you set the bar very low.

    My wife once said, ” I am trying but you are like gravity, the more I give the more that you want”…

    I do not need to be a “Trans Woman”…. just give me more freedom as a male?

    I don’t know, women are so brave, we men just don’t seem to get it.

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