Two Tune Tuesday: Bud Powell

Okay, no laughing, but since the three listening choices I have now that I work at a university with a conservatory are (1) world music, (2) classical, and (3) jazz, I’m trying to learn something about the latter. I’m not… Continue Reading

TNR Cover Story on Trans Issues

If you haven’t read it yet, The New Rebublic recently did a cover story on trans issues as the next civil rights issue. Transgender people are regularly evicted from their homes, fired from their jobs, and denied medical treatment. Last… Continue Reading

Turning Girls Into Boys?

Okay, here’s some odd news: Girls are being ‘converted’ into boys in Indore – by the hundreds every year – at ages where they cannot give their consent for this life-changing operation. This shocking, unprecedented trend, catering to the fetish… Continue Reading

Green Bay Pride

I’ll be tabling today for Fair Wisconsin at Green Bay’s Pride event, Pride Alive. You can get more info about the event on their website, and let people know you’re going/invite others via the FB page.

Author for Hire

For the next two months, I’m a freelancer again! So if you’ve thought about hiring me to read or edit your manuscript, or consult on transition or relationship or sexuality issues, or write something for you, now is the time.… Continue Reading

Good News for Trans Portland

A note from organizer Aubrey Harrison of Basic Right Oregon: WE DID IT! After nearly two years of working with city leaders, we are proud to announce that today the Portland City Council unanimously voted to end insurance exclusions against… Continue Reading

DC Trans Coalition Findings: Not Good

from the DC Trans Coalition: Washington, DC – The DC Trans Coalition today released summary findings from the first phase of its ongoing Needs Assessment Project, which found that transgender, transsexual, and gender non-conforming people in the District of Columbia… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Red Hot + Rio 2

Red Hot is the organization that raises funds for HIV/AIDS, and has been doing so for a long while – Red Hot + Blue was the first of the compilation CDs & celebrated the songs of Cole Porter. This week,… Continue Reading

Jane Scott, RIP

She was a rock journalist before anyone was paying attention: In 1952, she joined The Plain Dealer and was assigned, typically for the time, to the society pages. She found her lifework on Sept. 15, 1964, the day four lads… Continue Reading

Dan Savage’s Family Values

I”m sure plenty have already seen Mark Oppenheimer’s NYT column about infidelity; in it, he talks a lot about Dan Savage, who I love (and whose show I was on back in January). Despite how angry people are about the… Continue Reading

Research Announcement (& Forecasted Problems)

Over at Trans Group Blog, Angus “Andrea” Grieve-Smith has posted a piece about HHS’s announcement to begin collecting data on LGBTQ issues. The Department of Health and Human Services has just made a big announcement: they will begin collecting data… Continue Reading

Two Weeks

They called today to tell me his ashes are ready for pick up, and it’s like some part of my brain broke all over again. We miss you, kid.

Shave and Get Drunk.


Pro Choice

Due to an emergency injunction, there is now one Planned Parenthood clinic that will remain open in Kansas. The plan, of course, was for there to be none. I know there are a lot of people who think it should… Continue Reading