Me, Trans Ally

Our Lives magazine came to the awards ceremony when I received my Activist award from Fair Wisconsin, and asked me to write a little something based on my remarks that night. So I did, and it’s in this month’s issue.… Continue Reading

Pride and Memory

One of the things I find interesting about teaching (and being aunt to) people who are around 20 years old is that most of them did not grow up in a world where no one they knew was gay. For… Continue Reading

Walker Protested in NYC

Two Tune Tuesday: Tears for Fears

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” is permanently a summer song for me, maybe because that’s when it came out or when it got a lot of airtime or because of the video, I don’t know. Some songs just go… Continue Reading

Do a New Yorker a Favor

WI’s governor Scott Walker is going to be in NYC tomorrow, and this NYer would love it if people could go protest for me. DC 37 is organizing a group, and has an event page on FB. Here’s the info:… Continue Reading

Pride: NY & Fair WI

On the same weekend that New York made same sex marriage legal – with no residency requirement, no less! – I started working with Fair Wisconsin = a lovely way to spend the last weekend of Pride Month, no?

Am I Really Writing a Post about Bras? Well Yes I Am.

Bras are actually the kind of thing I get asked about quite a lot because I work with women who weren’t dragged to Macy’s by mom the first time she noticed they had visible nipples, like I was. (Believe me,… Continue Reading

Apologies for Autoplay

For whatever reason, my embedded players are shooting straight to autoplay and I have no idea why. From what I can tell from their forums, they’d removed autoplay and there was a lot of pushback from users, so now… Continue Reading

New York Tips the Balance

There are now more people living in states that support marriage equality than not. Someone’s on the wrong side of history, and it’s not me.

Live From NY!

It’s the same sex marriage vote:  

Friday Cat Blog: Aeneas.

Look at those eyes, would you? What a beauty. Rest in Peace, SpideyCat. The other day I really saw the pile of prescriptions and pill bottles,the syringes, the plastic bags and pages of Discharge Instructions. My poor boy went through… Continue Reading

Obama in New York for Pride

He’s there, of course, because Albany’s just about to make same sex marriage legal in New York State. Here’s a selection from what he said to an audience at the Sheraton: What makes America great is not just the scale… Continue Reading

Methodist Trial

I don’t really understand why LGBTQs have anything to do with religions that condemn them. This week, in a nearby town, a Methodist minster went on trial for two things: being a practicing self-avowed homosexual and marrying a same sex… Continue Reading

WI Next to Defund Planned Parenthood

Good news Monday, bad news Tuesday night: Walker is planning on de-funding Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood, taking a note from Indiana’s governor. First: this has nothing to do with money. The cost of additional pregnancies, cancer care, & the like, will… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Grief, Grace, & Hope

This Week’s Playlist! Friday night I listened to the Buckley; I knew Aeneas was going soon, & wow did I not want to let him go, but Buckley’s voice is so beautiful in this one; it’s more a cri de… Continue Reading

Fair Wisconsin: Wisconsin Court Upholds Domestic Partnerships

via Lambda Legal: Applying v. Doyle case summation, and the document of the actual ruling. (Madison, Wisconsin, Monday, June 20, 2011) – Today, the Circuit Court, Branch 11 in Dane County Wisconsin upheld as constitutional the state’s Domestic Partner Registry.… Continue Reading

Google Pride

For the month of June (I assume), when you type an LGBT-oriented work into Google’s search box, the box grows a rainbow. Neat-o.

Happy Hipster Dad Day

Happy Father’s Day, hipsters. Your dad did it before you ever could. Gen X is getting OLD. And of course a very happy Father’s Day to all the women I know who are dads.

Good Night, Sweet Prince

  Aeneas G Kramer, May 2000 – June 18, 2011

Catullus’ Passer Mortuus Est

It’s one of the most beautiful love poems ever written. Lugete, o Veneres Cupidinesque, et quantum est hominum venustiorum: passer mortuus est meae puellae passer, deliciae meae puellae, quem plus illa oculis suis amabat. nam mellitus erat suamque norat ipsam… Continue Reading