Two Tune Tuesday: [Insert Clever Euphemism Here]

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I’ve been researching some for a class I’m teaching next year on sexuality, and was reading a few things about autosexuality, and I wondered, with all those songs about sex, are there any about self-pleasure? These are the few I thought of. And no, “Turning Japanese” doesn’t count; I never bought that argument & The Vapors have said it wasn’t, too. “Dancing with Myself” doesn’t count either (because it’s about a Japanese disco) and even Berry’s “Dingaling” seems more about his bits than about what he’s doing with them. So, others? There are certainly references to masturbation – like in Prince’s “Darling Nikki” – but that isn’t what the song is actually about.

Interesting that the only ones I could come up with are written/performed by women, no? I wouldn’t have expected that.

For the record, masturbation & autosexuality aren’t the same thing. Masturbation is a way to practice autosexuality, but plenty of people who are other kinds of -sexuals also masturbate. Hope that helps. I had to add the Jack Off Jill version of The Divinyls because — well, they’ve got the whole idea built into their name.

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  1. that’s about fucking, not (just) masturbation:

    you’re makin’ out with school kids, winos and heads of state.
    you even made it with the lady,
    who puts the little plastic bobins on the christmas cakes.
    butchers’ assistants and bellhops, you’ve had them all here and there.
    children of god and their joy-strings, international women with no body hair.
    oooh, so where they’re askin’ in an alley and your voice ain’t steady.
    if your sex mechanic’s rough you’re more than ready.
    you’re an orgasm addict.
    you’re an orgasm addict.
    johnny want fuckie always and all ways.
    he’s got the energy, he will amaze.

  2. ah, yes, you’re right
    I only remember the lines:

    sneaking in the back door with dirty magazines.
    now your mother wants to know what all those stains on your jeans

    you get in a heat, you get in a sulk.
    but you still keep beating your meat to pulp.

    you’re a kid casanova. you’re a no-josep (?)
    it’s a labour of love fucking yourself to death.

  3. P!nk has a song titled ‘Fingers’ which has a chorus that goes:

    When it’s late at night
    And you’re fast asleep
    I let my fingers do the walking
    I press record
    I become a fiend
    And no one else is watching

  4. Pat McCurdy, a Wisconsin singer-songwriter, has one: Choking the Gopher.
    Most of the verses, sung by Pat, are from the perspective of a penis-having person. But the next-to-last verse is sung from the perspective of a vagina-having person, and when he does this song in concert Pat gets a woman volunteer to sing that verse.

  5. This is not a song, but it is a line from the 1982 musical Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?
    Virginia, a Catholic high school girl responding to a nun’s warning against having sex with yourself, shouts out from her desk in class: “Self abusement!? I thought it was self amusement!!”

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