Gender Neutral Pronouns

Thanks to Sarah Wagner (go partners!), who is currently helping plan the Trans Ohio conference, here are some resources on gender neutral pronouns.

First, a fact sheet – with grammatically correct chart – of how to use the various gender neutral pronouns, including possessives and pronunciation. I’d love it if someone wanted to write a sample sentence so that the syntax of them could be demonstrated.
Second, a list of rules to practice good manners with other people’s pronouns and genders.

The only other thing I would point out is that all of us have pronoun preferences. Every single one of us, so please don’t get all “ugh, trans people” about it unless you’re a woman who doesn’t mind being called “he” or “sirred” when out to dinner.

2 Replies to “Gender Neutral Pronouns”

  1. being silly, Just don’t call me late for dinner.
    Seriously there are terms I intensly dislike, but they are most often use by non trans folks.
    If a companion asks me to use Ze or Hir, or what ever their pleasure, I will try my best.
    As for me I do get Sir’ed once in a while, and I kinda puff up my Bosum and make a hurrumph sound.

    This is so basic, and for sure it is not all TG folks that don’t use the correct gender, or neutral term correctly, or try at least to use what the person prefers.

  2. This is a useful chart, but the pronunciation guidelines are inexact, at best. “Pronounced as it looks” is not helpful. Example: depending on where I learned my English, “Ze” might rhyme with “eh” or “see”, and might begin with a voiced “z” or an unvoiced “s”. “Pers” might rhyme with “pears” (the fruit), or “purse”, or “hers” or something close to “farce”.

    But leaving aside “pronounced as it looks”, it is a nice reference.


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