How Many More Gay People Does God Have to Create?

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  1. “This guy” is 4 term State Representative Steve Simon, Democrat-Farm-Labor. (The DFL is the official name of the Democrat party in Minnesota). Despite a Republican landslide gain of 25 seats in the State House and 16 in the Senate, he was re-elected in 2010 with 63% of the vote in his suburban Minneapolis district so he is obviously popular locally, (Michelle Bachmann polled 53% in her US congressional district.)

    But I wonder what sound bites will be clipped from this video by his opponent in the next election, to show his “liberal, anti-marriage, pro-gay agenda”?

    A conservative religious evangelist blogger, James White, (also known as DrOakley on his You Tube channel) has already asserted that “the only reason [Simon’s video] has gone viral was because of a very tightly connected … and well funded political movement” i.e. the gay marriage movement.

    Rep Simon should be congratulated for his calm but forceful and truthful remarks. I think it would be good to email him a supporting note, even if you don’t live in Minnesota. Email:

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