Filtered, No Doubt

It turns out that some high schools are filtering out sites like GLAAD’s, or the It Gets Better campaign. Honestly? It just pisses me off. God forbid we help save the lives of at-risk youth; somehow that’s perceived as advanding the so-called gay agenda.

If White Power youths were committing suicide at alarming rates, we would all want to see them stop. What is it about LGBT youth that people are so hateful about? Is it this proposed ‘gay agenda’? How is it that homosexuality has trumped even suicide as a sin against God?

They drive me nuts. At least the ACLU is on it. You can check your school’s filtering and report them if necessary.

3 Replies to “Filtered, No Doubt”

  1. The comments below this story are sadder than the story itself. Websites that kids go to for support are considered “perverted” and not appropriate for school. One guy says these sites should continue to be blocked until they allow sites that “promote straight lifestyle” whatever that means.

    The “God” thing makes me even angrier. People need to stop justifying their fear and hate by hiding behind “God”.

  2. The really sickening thing is that some schools ARE allowing the “pray away the gay” sites but not the supportive ones. I’ve sent donations of the It Gets Better book to 3 high schools. Now I am wondering if those books will ever make it to the shelves.

  3. Webfilter classifications are almost always delegated away to various companies. Those companies make their decisions… well, nobody knows how, really. Public policy and child psychology all handed off to the lowest bidders in some cubicle farm somewhere.

    As for those commenters, Tights Lover: I always feel like people who talk like that must be secretly utterly convinced that there is no God. Becuase if God is real – if there’s even a teeny, tiny chance that he’s real – then who wants to risk standing before him and saying, “Yeah, when I felt like being a jerk, I always attributed it to you because it was easier to get away with it that way.”

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