Look Ma, It Can Talk!

As others on our mHB message boards have noticed, there is a certain tone of disbelief in stories about trans women who are attractive that is offensive, frustrating, and yet – and yet – progress.

In this story about a trans woman and trans man not being allowed entry into Egypt, it’s just a mention of her “outstanding beauty” – I’m sure she was – but once you’ve read enough news stories like this you just get a kind of creepy feeling. I have a friend who used to refer to it as the “look ma, it can talk!” tone (except he was taking about stories about African Americans).

& That’s aside from there being no explanation as to why, when everything they said was true, and their IDs checked out, they were still sent back to Jordan.

And because I have some very literal readers, I will add here that I find this practice of being amazed that a trans woman can be not only a woman but an attractive woman, appalling and offensive.

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  1. My own experience has ranged a bit. Sometimes there’s that kind of surprise / “novelty” thing, other times there can be an almost worshipful kind of reverence (which can be a different kind of creepy, depending on how human or othered you are in their eyes, during that exchange).

    What you’re referring to is probably related to valuation — as though the moment someone finds out one is trans, one becomes “not really a woman,” but rather a well-done substitute or something.

    Ironically, I’ve experienced this far more with academia, and almost unrelated to being trans. The moment someone I’ve dialogued with on gender issues and theory finds out that my education ended with high school, I become an amusing curiosity — but at that point, it’s as though I’m seen as disqualified from being able to say anything of value.

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