Chrissie Edkins Interview

This is one of the better interviews with a trans woman I’ve seen.

She’s gorgeous and gracious and serious. And bi. Am I allowed to say hot? Yes, she’s hot.

(via The Daily Mail)

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  1. Helen,
    I have always admired you from “afar”…in the sense that I admire anyone who tries to mainstream gender issues for public consumption. I watched the track but I was not able to get the audio for some reason. I guess that “Chrissie” has the right to choose, but from the pictures that were shown “she” may have left some collateral damage. I don’t mean to seem incorrect but what do you say to a real woman who has born your child……when you decide to “mimic” her? This is actually pretty common in the TGverse, and there is always a persuasive rational. One thing to be known about us TG type’s…..we be very self-serving AND very clever!

    I have not read your books Helen, but being the “Betty” of my own life and having dealt with a very insightful woman through it all…I think that you may be a bit naive. My advice and consul is free. 🙂

  2. You know, in all the discussions she has been a part of, or interactions I have had with her, the word “Naive” has never sprung to my lips or occurred to me to describe Helen remotely in any way. Although, Gwen, I do look forward to reading the book that you will write, although I have not a clue from your post what the hell it would be about.

    I don’t see any mimicking going on here; I see a and hear a trans woman who is not prettying anything up for anyone about the road we have to take. I agree with Helen; she’s serious, smart and yes, hot.

  3. Hmmm.. “divadarya”…catchy in that Cali way.

    I could not ask for a better example than you of the TGverse….defensive, rude, in my face?

    I was hoping to actually hear from “Helen” and actually hoping that “Betty” would write a book.

    BTW, you are not Chrissie.

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