Trans Friendly Bathrooms

Genderqueer Chicago is working on a campaign to make bathrooms in Chicago trans-friendly:

CHICAGO–In an unprecedented effort to make the city of Chicago safer for transgender individuals, Genderqueer Chicago, a local youth group, launched the “T-Friendly Bathroom Initiative,” a grassroots project that challenges business owners to recognize and protect gender identity in their public restrooms, according to a press release.

This year, more than 500 businesses and organizations will be asked to sign a pledge that commits them to allowing gender-variant customers to use the bathrooms they choose. Businesses that sign the pledge will receive window decals that gender-variant people can easily identify as trans-friendly.

It sounds like a very cool plan; I hope to see this idea transfer to other cities. Maybe there will be a day when Safe 2 Pee isn’t needed — imagine!

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  1. Good news. Nice to hear about a simple plan like this that could really help not only trans people who need to pee, but non-trans people who would happy to be educated about the problem. May it work; may it spread.

  2. I really like this idea. It gives trans people a clear indication where they can feel that little bit safer and it’s so much better than shuffling trans people off to a second-class “non-gender toilet” that is the clearest advertisement that the person using it is ‘different’.

    Such a simple idea, yet so effective. I hope it works out.

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