Admirer in the News

Why does anyone care who this Congressman is having sex with?

I am forever at a loss as to why on earth I should care what anyone does sexually. It’s one thing if it’s illegal, but otherwise, really? Grownups worrying about what other consenting adults do with their bodies? Is that any of my business or anyone else’s? If it effects his job in some way – as in he’s too busy dealing with his sex life to do this work – then, maybe. But there’s no evidence of that.

That said, King voted *against* the repeal of DADT so he can suck eggs. I really don’t like hypocrites with power. However: liking trans women as dates/spouses is not kinky, perverted, or weird. It just is. Anyway, I think it’s lovely that he admires and prefers to date trans women.


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  1. Surprise! I agree. 🙂 What’s sad is that men like him live in a different part of the shadow all male-born people(I’ll define that for quibblers if so needed) who express their “selves” in a female way do. I think there’s nothing sexier than a guy who openly dates women who have trans history.
    And, yeah, he’s a GOP Asshat, but what can ya do?

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