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  1. You’re welcome Helen.

    I think the article (which is published in the web version of China Daily btw, not China Today) together with other rather sparse reporting about trans people in China shows a situation in some ways similar to the return of the former GI Christine Jorgensen in 1953. A flash of public exposure and media interest worthy a rock star, coupled with the birth of a fledgeling community. But there is clearly a long way to go.

    If there is something true about China is that everything moves at blazing speed these days, the only thing that hasn’t kept up is of course the political situation. What’s holding back an explosive growth of a Chinese trans community would be precisely that, and of course the traditional family values, not unheard of in the US either! My prediction is that it will not take 60 years to catch up with the Western world though, perhaps not even ten?

  2. Thanks Jenny and Helen!

    I just have to say that I have a kidney I would gladly trade for any of these beautiful complexions. I must avoid mirrors now for the rest of the day.

    But with that said, thanks again.


  3. I think this resolves the question of whether the rise of China is a good development or a threat.


    (Half-seriously… in a society where these lovely young women are coming forth, and millions of supporters are hailing them, the value of the individual is clearly on the rise.)

  4. China and Japan have a theatrical tradition that admires male emulation of female beauty, unlike the USA, where the church has wierded it all out, despite a thriving underground historically.

    They look great, gotta admit.

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