Sad About the Repeal?

For a different perspective on the repeal of DADT, young trans activist Danielle Askini writes that she’s sad about it:

The last bastion that forced SOME poor queer youth to avoid the military has been pealed away; we too can now be exploited and brain washed by the American military machine. The fact that queers have fought so hard to be part of such an evil institution is beyond me. I feel no joy. Only sorrow for the queers who will die needlessly on the American killing fields for Capitalist profits.

…which is an opinion I share, to some degree, even if I’m also pleased to see the repeal happen.

That said, crossdressing & trans identities are still on the list of mental health disorders for the military, so if you want to avoid a draft that might come along, there you go.

There’s also an article from Vanity Fair about how DADT could provide the platform for ENDA.

3 Replies to “Sad About the Repeal?”

  1. Add me to the “mixed feelings” pack about this. I wonder how the repeal of DADT would play were we to have a military draft (which I think would go a long way to swaying American opinion about the wars)

    I’m gonna blog about this; it churned up a bunch of stuff for me….

  2. It’s true, LGBTs are like economists. All LGBT news is bad news. If it’s good news, give us a minute to think and we’ll tell you why it’s bad.

    Nobody is truly happy when other people make choices we don’t approve of. Wanting to deny them the right to make those choices is a pretty instinctive desire. Not an instinct we should indulge, though.

  3. I understand some people feel the whole military thing is wrong, evil and all, I agree that war is mostly a waste of life. My only observation here is entirely off topic. Peal is the sound of a ringing bell. Peel is the removal of a layer. Protection is peeled away, not pealed away. Sorry, spelling is a thing I grew up with…

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