Two Tune Tuesday: Gang of Four

In honor of their return, which you can get an earful of care of NPR, I thought it was time for Gang of Four. No, not the Chinese political faction of the Cultural Revolution, but the post punk band. They were always especial favorites for me because the bass player, Dave Allen, went on to be the spine for Shriekback, that lovely post punk funk weirdness of a band (whose lead, Barry Andrews, came from the original XTC lineup).

“To Hell with Poverty” seems about as well-timed this year as it was when they released it, but this time on these shores.

One Reply to “Two Tune Tuesday: Gang of Four”

  1. for me it’s all about Andy Gill’s massive cranging guitar 🙂

    though that comes over better on “Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time” perhaps

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