Macho Ears

Even the talented Scott Turner Schofield has to go to the supermarket:

and has to ask: I’m sorry, what did you just say about the commercial construction of gender? In the supermarket, you say? No!

Sleep Pretty or Hearos? Pink or blue? Really?! Wouldn’t sizes be more appropriate? Do they block out only masculine or feminine noise?

One Reply to “Macho Ears”

  1. I have a pair of white earplugs from several years back that were labled hearos, that is/was their basic line name. No idea when or why they added the ‘sleep pretty’ line but I’m unimpressed that they did. 🙁 The pair I have has been a godsend for me, though, as I have sensory input issues and, stupid decisions like this aside, they make really good earplugs for crowds/concerts/etc.

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