Wear Purple

Today, people all over the country are wearing purple to show support for the end of anti-LGBTQ bullying.

I think Gogol Bordello’s got it covered:

& Here, if you can stand it, is the story of Chloe Lacey, the trans teenager who is being left off most of the lists of the students who committed suicide in the past months, & whose memories are being honored today.

2 Replies to “Wear Purple”

  1. I’ll surely wear purple today. Though depressing, the Chloe Lacey piece is a fantastic piece of journalism (RIP Chloe).

    I’d never heard Gogol Bordello before, but I now have a new favorite song & artist. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Yeah, thanks a lot, Gail! I’ve listened to “Start Wearing Purple” at least 25 times & now have that song deeply embedded in my head. I can’t wait until it starts to get annoying! 😉

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