Two Tune Tuesday: Dusty Springfield

(Apparently it was only the daughter of a preacher man who could ever reach her, by the way.)

Passing Pat Dye

Skip the Makeup has a good blog post up about Pat Dye, the 31 year old who has allegedly pursued and seduced a 15 year old girl. That’s the huge problem: not the gender, but the age gap. Impersonating a… Continue Reading

Trans + Jewish

Prof. Joy Ladin on what it means to be transgender and Jewish:

LGBT WI Endorsements

Fair Wisconsin and Human Rights League have put together a list of endorsement’s for this year’s elections.

“Which is the rooster & which is the hen?”

From 1925: Here are the lyrics: Masculine Women! Feminine Men! Hey! Hey! Women are going mad, today! Hey! Hey! Fellers are just as bad, I’ll say! Go anywhere, just stand and stare, You’ll say they’re bugs when you look at… Continue Reading

New Buster

Damfinos: there’s a new cut of Steamboat Bill Jr. Imagine, after all these years, different camera angles, and a cleaner & sharper print. Yay. Also, there’s a new DVD of all the Educational Pictures pictures, or shorts, most of them… Continue Reading

Federal DOMA Section Declared Unconstitutional

Good news, in a states’ rights kind of way: BOSTON (AP) — A U.S. judge in Boston has ruled that a federal gay marriage ban is unconstitutional because it interferes with the right of a state to define marriage. U.S.… Continue Reading

This Just In: Women Like Sex

It’s probably not news for women between the ages of 27 & 45, but a new study shows we like sex more often than at other ages. The only sucky bit is that they felt the need to tie it… Continue Reading

Wife of Trans Blog

Here’s another trans couple, but this one a trans woman and her wife of 41 years. The wife, Jonni, keeps a blog on what it’s like to be married to a trans female spouse (who was her husband for many… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Philly Soul

Trans Couple Profiled by SF Gate

Wow. A trans-trans couple profiled by SF Gate, and they’re both hotties. During the next five years, the two developed a “conscious relationship” where they truly got to know each other. Sean, who was recently lauded by Dance magazine as… Continue Reading

Happy 4th from Your Creepy Ice Cream Man

I love it, you may not.

Hot Men Run in Heels

No, really, in Spain, a race was run by guys in heels who gradually added accoutrements – wigs, dresses, & lipstick – so that they finished the race crossdressed (and sweaty). No scrawny boys either. (If anyone can translate the… Continue Reading

Trans Exhibit Takes’s 1st Place announced the winners of its “Since Stonewall Local Histories Contest” on Monday, June 28, exactly 41 years after Stonewall and 1st place went to a trans oriented exhibit. 1st – “Man-i-fest: FTM Mentorship in San Francisco from 1976 –… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Deborah Harry

Debbie Harry turns 65 today. This is her at 63: May we all look so good – and point out bullshit as clearly – as we enter our 6th decade. (h/t to Lena)

Breeding Out Tomboys

So what do you call it when a female doctor walks into a gene lab & doses all the pregnant mothers with a drug to prevent their daughters from wanting to work in “masculine” careers? Hypocrisy? Insanity? Female chauvinism? Pulling… Continue Reading