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  1. If they had a specific concern about her having the benefits, then they could build a case as to why they should go to the children for those specific reasons. But in my eyes, by saying their marriage was never valid in the first place, not only are they humiliating her and stripping her not only of his assets, but of shared assets (accounts to which she no doubt contributed as well!), and it’s like they’re saying that the husband, while living, didn’t deserve the right to be married to a person he loved. Supposedly he didn’t know? I don’t see how he could have not known if his ex-wife did. How would she know? Obviously she’s no sympathizer, so I don’t understand how she could have known something like that and not told him, since she has no problem with the rest of the world knowing. I feel awful for the kids, and it’s not fair to the memory of their father.

    When the rest of us have dissolution of marriage cases, no one freezes our joint assets until a decision is made. We’re talking about money they already had. It’s just ridiculous. They’re trying to invalidate the marriage because they can’t think of any other good reason why the wife shouldn’t get what wives are legally due. If he were still married to his ex, she would get half, and if he were married to anyone else, she would get the half. My own mother won’t get anything from my step-father’s military pension, because he finished his service before they were married. That’s just how it works. The ex is grasping for a legal leg to stand on, because she’d be just as upset about it if it were anyone else not required to care for her own children. Only here, she thinks she can do something about it.

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