SF Trans Pride

Trans people are leading the SF Pride Parade, right after Dykes on Bikes (who have always been the 1st group).

& Once again, New York lags behind in hipness (although there is a Trans Day of Action march, which includes a whole bunch of other political stands).

You can sign up to march with the SF contingent via Facebook.

If anyone knows whether non-trans allies (partners, parents, children, friends) are welcome too, do let me know.

If you know of any other trans-specific pride stuff, do let me know.

(courtesy Lena Dahlstrom)

2 Replies to “SF Trans Pride”

  1. Being promoted to the front of the parade was unexpected, so there’s lots of last-minute pulling things together going on.

    But I know there are SOFFA marching with at least one trans group that will be taking part, so I assume non-trans allies should be welcome.

    If in doubt, I’m sure one could ask on the Facebook page.

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