So Matt Lauer had an affair with a trans woman who is “related to” Whitney Houston, and a guy writes to Dan Savage to find out where he can have sex with a trans woman who isn’t a sex worker.

Really, where do you start? With anyone calling an African American woman a “soulfood side piece”?

But Dan Savage seems to be actively compensating for the times he hasn’t been as hip to trans stuff as he should have been. At least.

(thanks to DonnaT for both stories)

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  1. The Matt Lauer article states that “Alexis Houston” is a con artist who is NOT related to Whitney Houston; in fact, Whitney sued Alexis for using their supposed relationship to commit fraud. As far as the reference to Alexis as a “soulfood side piece” is concerned, I don’t expect any kind of sensitivity from a gossip blog. The constant references to Alexis formerly being a man are offensive, but frankly, that’s par for the course in a POS rag like Bossip.

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