Nevada Forges Ahead

Cassandra Keenan at Bilerico reprots that Nevada has just managed not to require genital reconstructive surgery for a change in gender marker on driver’s licenses.

Instead, a doctor gets to fill out a form answering “male” or “female” on what the person’s gender identity is, whether they live full-time as their identified gender and/or are undergoing treatment.

It’s a far cry from perfect – the crossdressers and genderqueer populations left out as usual – but it’s something.

2 Replies to “Nevada Forges Ahead”

  1. Perfect I guess, would be no gender marker at all. Wasn’t that tried in Australia on passports a while back? Or maybe it was just an “N” designation. Neither, Neuter, Not one or the other?

    We have this same (as Nevada) policy in Washington state, and I took advantage of it not long ago. It is some relief to now not feel embarrassed to show my license, but what the state giveth, the state also takes away. If I apply for an “Enhanced” DL here in Washington to pass over the border to Canada without a passport, I will have to give up the modified DL and revert to the old gender marker. And I’m back where I started. The really unbelievable part of border crossing now, is that I can get into Canada with my DL and a birth certificate, but I can’t get back into my own country!

  2. Very good news. Someday the law will accommodate folks like me, too, but first people have to get used to the needs of clear-cut TS’s. This is no time to whine about the incompleteness of progress.

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