Per Ardua ad Astra

The RAF has a pilot who is transitioning on the job, & nutty them, they think it doesn’t matter as long as she can still do her job.

(“Per Ardua ad Astra” is Latin for “through adversity to the stars” which is the motto of the RAF and which certainly be the motto of the trans community, no?.)

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  1. Reading the article gives me hope that one day the us military will allow gay, lesbian and transgendred to openly serve one day. I dont consider that overly optimistic but the fact that there will be change one day.

    As much as I believe that the military will allow gay, lesbian and transgendered to serve I also believe that it will come at a cost at first and it will come with dificulty to some and reluctance for some of the members of the us armed forces to accept.

    As a secluded segment of society the U.S Military in general has alway been slow to accept social change and often lags behind or in some cases does not embrace social change at all. It is very easy to list how slow the military has been to accept social change and the list would include the way women have been treated and those things include being accepted into the service academies, to serving on naval combatant warships and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Its often said that Generasl fight the last war and in a lot of ways the last war they are fighting is conservative beliefs and the belief that allowing gays, lesbians and transgendered would hurt combat readiness or they would just not be accepted at all.

    Speaking from the belly of the beast I can say from what I see and hear now, that not everyone is ready to embrace allowing gays, lesbians, and transgendred to serve, and I hate to say it but it is the truth and for that reason alone I guard my own feelings, sometimes I over masculate my trueself and know that a long and succesful carrer could come down around me if I was to say more, and perhaps that may be my calling in life after retirement and that is to become a public advocate.

    Having said that, many are not ready to embrace the idea of openly gays serving I will say this much: Their number are becoming fewer and fewer to the point where many if not most of the people I know would gladly embrace the idea in return for getting a more qualified, better educated and better motivated recruit. A reversal of the current policy is long overdo, and it is very obvious now that U.S military has much to learn from the U.K. OPEN

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